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Preparing for Mediation

  1. The morning of mediation set your mind on positive thoughts such as the love of yourself, your children, setting a new course for your life, being more than capable to handle anything that comes your way, and the willingness to work through it.    
  2. If meeting online, please check to make sure your computer, camera, and Internet are running properly to minimize any technical difficulties during the mediation.  
  3. Make sure you eat a balanced meal with limited sugars.  It’s hard to think on an empty stomach and tends to make you short-tempered when you’re hungry.  If meeting in person, pack yourself some energy snacks (mixed nuts, granola bars, etc).  Water will be provided.
  4. Come prepared to have an open discussion no matter how painful it might feel.  Through pain comes progress.  This will not be a time to belittle the other party.  It is understood that emotions are running high and compromise is essential.  You have to authentically participate and stay engaged to the very end for the best results.
  5. If tempers flare, which may happen, do not get discouraged…it’s normal.  Be prepared to work through it.
  6. What’s right for your family isn’t always what you want to do.  Keep your focus on what’s necessary rather than what’s easy.
  7. Understand that in mediation each party will compromise on something in order to reach resolution.